our mind

our beliefs starts here, we're going to be talking about who rules the world, who's behind everything and overall the whole humanity and the universe. let's start, i want to share a really important topic today, and that consistes the brain and when we say the brain we're talking about the mind and in everyone in this planet got this intelligent mind who controls you imagination if you know how to use it properly. you see the mind is beyond any computer and we use that mind in our own advantages, for example Nikola Tesla who used his brilliant mind into creating and developping tools that he created and helped the world and all of that because he used his mind into his own benefits and that's what the schools need to teach to the kids, some new methods to how to develop a powerful memorie and a strong mind and imagination so they can use it and have their own world and life inside. if you take for example Charles Manson, he was a serial killer and beside his evil motives, i believe i had a pretty strong mind, he stated at one of his interview that you can't lock him in prison, because even if you lock him, he'll still have his life inside of his own mind and same goes for Stephen Hawking, even so he can't move, he still can travel the whole universe, only using his mind. and yes my friends, you also can use your mind to do the same thing, all you need is passion.