normal day, nothing that intersting just hours and hours of thinking and listening to music, trying to enjoy the summer. i got stressed a little bit on the morning but it's fine, also planning on staying late this night listening to music and chilling in my bed. i've been thinking of making a progress to the website tomorrow, it'll be awesome, hopefully. eitherway, i'm just waiting for someone to bring me food, i don't have money right now, so i'm stuck in this room. more updates tomorrow.


ye, it's a normal day again, sadly i really didn't work on the website at all been busy working out and studying music (fl studio) for the last 2 hours and i'm still so tired as also i'm planning to stay the night and pkay some music as usual.


today was a bad day, a really bad day. i wake up, i told my mother that i need to eat something and she told me that there's nothing to eat, then i just sat there waiting for maybe lunch. luckly, i got the chance to eat lunch after that while i was looking into the mirror, i noticed i have so much pimples suddenly and i don't know how i just got an anxiety attack and i start screaming and punching the walls so hard and nobody cared.